Hammered copper STEAMER POT - couscous pot -steamer pot - copper steaming pot


You are a fan of Moroccan cuisine, you like couscous. So opt for this couscous hammered copper tinned inside.
Available in different sizes

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You are a fan of Moroccan cuisine, you like couscous. So opt for this couscous hammered copper tinned inside  and have excellent thermal conductivity.

The top pot is perforated to let the steam cook the vegetables.

This frying pan is not compatible with fire induction.

It's available in many diameter (approximate): 

14 cm (5.5 inch)18 cm (7.0 inch)
18 cm (7.0 inch)24 cm (9.44 inch)
22 cm (8.6 inch)29 cm (11.41 inch)
26 cm (10.2 inch)36 cm (14.17 inch
30 cm (11.8 inch)43 cm (16.92 inch)

THICKNESS (approximate):   1,2 cm = 0,047 inch

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