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Berber Rugs

When it comes to home buying, purchasing rugs is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only do they add to the décor of a home but they can certainly be a conversation starter depending on the type of rug you buy or what kind of material it is made from. There are all sorts of avenues to obtain rugs, and not just of your home country either. Several types of rugs include Berber rugs and carpet that are made from Tunisian artisans in North Africa. These rugs are not only of exceptional quality but very comfortable and very gorgeous.
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The Tunisian Fouta

A unique cloth Tunisia is a remarkable country. With a lengthy history, rooted in traditions passed on through generations, it is a country that has produced many talented artisans that are renowned throughout the Arab world for their craft. They are especially known for their skills in fabricating tapestries, jewelry, pottery, and mosaics, to name a few. However, the majority of these artisans specialize particularly in textiles. Throughout the ages, one fabric in particular has become an emblem of Tunisian culture: the fouta.
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