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When it comes to home buying, purchasing rugs is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only do they add to the décor of a home but they can certainly be a conversation starter depending on the type of rug you buy or what kind of material it is made from. There are all sorts of avenues to obtain rugs, and not just of your home country either. Several types of rugs include Berber rugs and carpet that are made from Tunisian artisans in North Africa. These rugs are not only of exceptional quality but very comfortable and very gorgeous.

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Berber rugs and carpet have been around for a long time and are of significant quality. They are oriental carpets that come in a mergoum type and woven entirely by hand by Tunisian artisans. This type of flooring furniture comes from the Paleolithic area and are hand spun cloth that were usually made for tribes using natural fibers to create not just rugs but cloaks and other fabrics as well. What is interesting to note about Berber carpets is that they are a traditional and modern style of flooring this day and age that use a loop pile construction that gives them an appearance similar to the distinct knot of other types of carpets. This type of carpet is one of the most popular forms of rugs and can usually be seen in all sorts of housing and businesses that uses this type of floor carpeting. This is a very affordable carpet that many people seek out due to its inexpensive nature yet elegant taste.

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The people of North Africa have a long history with woven together fabrics and making exceptional furniture. This has been a long tradition of theirs for a millennia and now they are moving more towards the modern era in America. Even in some continents, they still wove together these fabrics for their tribes and family due to generations of old tradition. In America, we appreciate this beauty and use it in many rooms of houses to display our style and taste. What is also interesting to note is that Berber countries and families in this day and age still create these carpets and even apply cultural designs that other people can buy in other countries today. The point is that these carpets are not just beautiful but tell a story, and are a great addition to any household.

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