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Terracotta ashtray decorated with traditional tunisian designs. This smoke Grabber is handmade by artisans.

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  • Moroccan Babouche Ashtray Moroccan Babouche Ashtray
    Moroccan Babouche Ashtray

    You can bring a unique worldly flair to your home décor with this Moroccan ashtray. This decorative piece is crafted into the shape of a Moroccan heelless slipper called a babouche. These ashtrays are sculpted and painted by hand in Tunisia and can be either functional or decorative. The interesting design and bright color of this ashtray make it the...

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  • Solid-coloured Moroccan ashtray Solid-coloured Moroccan ashtray
    Solid-coloured Moroccan ashtray

    A beautiful ashtray such as this one can make for both a functional and decorative piece. The shape of this ashtray easily collects ash while limiting odors and mess. Each piece is sculpted and painted by hand by skilled Tunisian craftsmen and artisans. The top of this ashtray is designed to be easily removable, which makes cleaning out ash and debris...

  • Cendrier Brut Cendrier Brut
    Ashtray gross

    Give free rein to your imagination to paint this ashtray Moroccan pottery, decorated with engravings and patterns arabesques. Its production is 100% handcrafted in Nabeul region.You can customize it or use it crude. 

  • Boukirch ashtray Boukirch ashtray
    Outside ashtray

    Moroccan ashtray decorated with traditional designs, manufactured entirely by hand by Tunisian artisans.

  • Berber Moroccan Ashtray Berber Moroccan Ashtray
    Berber Moroccan Ashtray

    Experience the beauty of traditional pottery with this Moroccan ashtray. These ashtrays are beautifully sculpted and painted by hand in the Tunisian capital of pottery, Nebil. The carefully painted and intricate designs are what make these ashtrays truly special. The unique shape allows for ash and debris to be easily collected while also reducing odor.

  • Windproof Ashtray with Lids Windproof Ashtray with Lids
    Windproof Ashtray with Lids

    Decorative ashtrays are an easy and beautiful way to add personality to your home décor. This version is crafted by a potter and is made for both functionality and beauty. Each one is handmade and painted in Tunisia, ensuring the quality and uniqueness of each piece. The shape of this ashtray is designed to easily catch ash and debris, as well as reduce...

  • Rounded Long and Narrow Ashtray Stand Rounded Long and Narrow Ashtray Stand
    Rounded Long and Narrow Ashtray Stand

    Offering your guests and/or household members a place to smoke and deposit their butts is crucial to helping keep your household clean and safe. This standing ashtray is your space-conscious option that is going to be ridged and rounded with an opening for everyone tops in their butts and a lid to seal them in.

  • Hammered Copper Trashcan and Ashtray Hammered Copper Trashcan and Ashtray
    Hammered Copper Trashcan and Ashtray

    Add a striking element to the entry of your home with this trash and ashtray combo. This piece is made entirely from high-quality hammered copper that is polished to perfection. When your guests arrive, they can easily put out their cigarettes and dispose of any debris before they enter your home. The riveted side handles make it easy to carry this item...

  • Cool Ashtray Cool Ashtray
    Cool Ashtray

    These are orange, blue, red and yellow Nebli ashtrays . They are traditional Tunisian ashtrays designed to be used either as decorative items put on tables or used while smoking. It prevents the diffusion of the smell of ashes.

  • Moroccan ashtray - handmade ashtray Moroccan ashtray - handmade ashtray
    Moroccan ashtray - handmade ashtray

    Moroccan Ashtray painted and lacquered entirely by hand by Tunisia craftsmen.

  • Small Moroccan ashtray Small Moroccan ashtray
    Small Moroccan ashtray design

    Superb Moroccan ashtray, made entirely by hand by tunisian artisans.

  • Petit cendrier Brut Petit cendrier Brut
    Small ashtray natural

    An ashtray that is naturally decorated is designed specifically to be used to smoke or as a decorative item on tables,desks. Its value lies in being traditionally left without colours .

  • Cendrier de table : Berbère Cendrier de table : Berbère
    Vintage ashtray : Berber

    The vintage ashtrays is one of the most sought ash trays now. His motives inspired by the geometry of Berber kilim, bright colors are the strengths of this model.

  • Ashtray smokeless Ashtray smokeless
    Ashtray smokeless

    Ashtray anti smoke in clay, hand-decorated with traditional motifs.Both decorative that utile.La brightness and color purity demonstrates the technical and aesthetic quality of this ashtray.

  • Moroccan Ashtray : Ceramic Moroccan Ashtray : Ceramic
    Product available with different options
    Moroccan Ashtray : Ceramic

    An ashtray with Berber motifs and different colours really makes it a cute one. If you want to put a Tunisian traditional touch on your office or on the living room table than nothing is better than a nice ashtray.

  • Zebra maroccan ashtray Zebra maroccan ashtray
    Decorative Moroccan Ashtray

    Enjoy a decorative Moroccan terracotta ashtray cheap! Fine finishes and very good quality!

  • Large cigar ashtray Large cigar ashtray
    Large cigar ashtray

    Large ashtray 100% handmade by Tunisian artisans, Its rounded shape and specific blue and white color of the Tunisian pottery make it a very artistic object.

  • Cendrier cigare Cendrier cigare
    Cool ashtrays

    where to buy an ashtray ? A single place to buy an ashtray designer handmade pottery on .

  • Petit Cendrier marocain Petit Cendrier marocain
    Small ashtray

    This a traditional Tunisian made ashtray. The dark grey along with the yellow and white make it specific and really worth being used to decorate your office or you home with. It is big enough for using it several times.

  • Olivie wood ashtray - cigar ashtray Olivie wood ashtray - cigar ashtray
    Olivie wood ashtray - cigar ashtray

    This ashtray is made of olive wood, a sustainable and equitable solid wood, which comes from the city of Sfax in Tunisia. Each ashtray has been waxed to revive the natural color of the wood.

  • Moroccan Ashtray
    Moroccan Ashtray

    Moroccan ashtray, hand-decorated with traditional motifs .Can be decorative item .The brightness and color purity reflects the quality of the ashtray. 

  • Tunisian ashtray Tunisian ashtray
    Funny ashtray

    Beautiful ashtray, hand-decorated with traditional motifs by tunisian artisans. The patterns and colors of this ashtray broadcast an oriental atmosphere in your home. Buy your ashtray on cheaper!

  • Cendrier Boukirch Multicolore Cendrier Boukirch Multicolore
    Boukirch ashtray multicolored

    This table Moroccan ashtray is an oriental specialty. This pottery can be used as decorative object. With decreasing rates of, it will be easy for you to procure several ashtrays for Less!

  • Cendrier marocain Coquillage 2 Cendrier marocain Coquillage 2
    Moroccan ashtray shell 2

    This Moroccan ashtray is made of terra cotta by potters of the Nabeul region. It is decorated by pieces of shellfish.  


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