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We select the best workers who have an immense talent and a strong potential to meet your quality requirements. The preparation of each piece requires a whole week of work, sometimes more, and a multitude of checks and adjustments that make each item a unique piece. Lartisanet defends the heritage of 3000 years of mosaic art.

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  • Mosaic wall clock
    Mosaic wall clock

    The birth of the art of mosaic dates from 6000 years in Iraq and then developed with the Romans. This unique piece is created with great delicacy and precision by a talented artist Tunisian. Flowers and colors of this wall clock is a decorative object. This mosaic wall clock is supplied with a wall bracket at the back.

  • Horloge murale en mosaïque ronde
    Wall clock round mosaic

    This clock mosaic is a unique piece created with great finesse and determination. The mosaic art is to assemble different tesserae (small cubes of stone, marble). The wall clock is supplied with mosaic wall tie back. On Order: The production time of the clock is 3 days.

  • Unique Mosaic Wall Clock Unique Mosaic Wall Clock
    Unique Mosaic Wall Clock

    Handmade, Classy, bright, and sure to brighten your day, this original unique clock is going to be all things beautiful and practical for the modern home.  The appearance of this sun-themed mosaic is dazzling with its careful attention to detail.  This mosaic wall art also doubles as a clock with its rotating hands and minimalistic appearance. 

  • Tableau d'olivier en mosaïque Tableau d'olivier en mosaïque
    Mosaic table olive

    This table design mosaic is made with great precision and delicacy, it is entirely handmade. This is unique. Give a decorative touch and design to your living room or bedroom with this mosaic mural painting. The olive tree is a noble ancient tree that gives elegance to your home.


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